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blackout greenhouse

For all greenhouse inquiries, please call 888-258-0670

Plant Lighting Hydroponics has partnered with a company that has been manufacturing greenhouses for over 30 years. With greenhouses in all 50 states and several countries around the world they are familiar with the varying climates you will deal with on your farm.  They have decided to work with Plant Lighting Hydroponics as the distributor of their Light Deprivation Greenhouse Series.

Plant Lighting Hydroponics will be offering two different Light Dep Greenhouse Packages. One is a free-standing structure that is 30 feet wide and comes in lengths of 60' 100' and 128'. We also offer gutter connected Light Dep Packages which come in two bays, each 22' wide at lengths including 64' 84' and 128'. Gutter connected greenhouses allow for easy expansion by adding onto the side of the structure with additional bays. 
Don't mistake our unbelievably low price for low value! Compare these structures to others in the market. You will be happy to see that our packages are more complete, include high-end components, and give you the ability to control your greenhouse the way it needs to be. 

Here's a few of the components that you'll receive when buying through Plant Lighting Hydroponics 

- Engineered structures made with the ability to withstand high wind and snow loads. Stamped prints available.

- Designed and manufactured in the USA!

- Comes with complete heating and cooling package

- This includes two high efficiency heaters, complete wet wall package, jet fan package and HAF fans!

- Custom built Electrical Panel

- This panel will come pre built and mounted on a control board ready for your electrician to plug in and go!

- Environmental Control that is BUILT FOR A GREENHOUSE!

- Many greenhouse packages in the market come with a controller made for a basement, not a greenhouse

- Our greenhouse packages come with TWO Igrow 1400 controllers. We also include the $1000+ software package to monitor remotely (Internet connection necessary).

- CO2 Generator included

- This generator utilizes the Jet Fan system to evenly distribute the CO2 among your crop!

Detailed construction manual and live construction support... Onsite supervision available